This is a comprehensive introduction to custom paint in general, in terms of paints and masking materials . . . and in the designing and painting of traditional through to tribal flames.

Part 1 – Drawing and designing Traditional Flames:
We will teach you a system of drawing and designing traditional and tribal flames that is innovative and powerful.  Developed by Kustom Kollege it is unlike anything you will see in the dvds or books.  You do NOT need any previous drawing experience.

This system is at the heart of us teaching you to be able to design flames to fit cars, bikes, boats, etc.  You will work from your own original drawings for all your artworks in your courses with us.

Part 2 – Creating templates and laying up your designs:
We will teach you to create templates that will enable you to  lay up designs for both sides of bike tanks, and things like cars simply and easily.  You will use these templates from night one of the course.  These template systems will be developed through the course right up to full scale templates for your own car.

Part 3 – Introduction to surface preparation & basic masking:
We will teach you basic block sanding and degreasing to prepare the surfaces you are going to work on. There are a number of different ways to do this and we will be covering the various alternatives so that you will know the processes that work the best. 

We will teach you to use 6mm fineline tape and app.tape for your first project. Creating accurate curves with fineline tapes is not easy but we will teach you a system to make it simple. 

Part 4 – Introduction to Basecoats Solids:
We will teach you to prepare PPG Deltron solids to be airbrush ready. We will then teach you the traditional yellow base with red gradations.  A simple but very effective design.   

Part 5 – Introduction to Pearls:
In the background of your first panel we will teach you to use pearls over a black base producing dramatic results. 

Part 6 – Designing and drawing Repeater Flames:
For your second panel we will teach you a system of creating repeater flames that is unique to Kustom Kollege. You will learn to use the repeater flame design to create two-tone graphics as well. 

Part 7 – Pearl on Colours:
For the airbrushing of the repeater flames we will be teaching you to use pearls over coloured bases.  There are an enormous range of possibilities here and we will go into detail about the options you have. The student group will work together to produce a range of airbrushed colour swatches of base and pearl combinations. 

Part 8 – Introduction to Metallics and Candies:
For the background to the pearl repeater flame, we will teach you to use candies over metallics, creating a two tone result. There are a surprising list of issues associated with candies.

Part 9 – Introduction to Marblizer:
We have developed a system of marblizing that is unusual but very effective.  It is slower drying than all other marblizers so can be used to work larger areas more easily and can be textured in a wider range of ways.  

Part 10 – Drawing and designing Tribal Flames:
As part of the flame designing system that we have developed, we have been able to systemise the creation of tribal flames just as easily as the standard traditional flames.

Part 11 – Introduction to Metallic Tribal Flames: 
Once you have learnt to create your own original tribal flame designs we will be teaching you to create bevelled edge metallic flames on a candy marblized background

Part 12 – Introduction to Clearcoating:
Initially we will be teaching you to do blending clear.  This is an important part of good artwork preparation. All artworks should be blend cleared before they are 2K cleared. 

Part 13 – Laying up small scale designs:
Once you have produced the first three training panels, you will then start your training to lay-up full scale flames designs. You can bring in a guitar, helmet, motorcycle tank & guards, anything you like. You do not need to actually paint the project. You will create templates and tape up the designs.From there you can photograph the lay-up. We prefer that you actually airbrush it up at home.  

Part 14 – Laying up full bonnet flame designs:
The next stage is to teach you to lay-up full bonnet designs. It is up to you to design your own creation with our guidance. As with the previous project we invite you to take paying projects for these stages of the course. 

Part 15 – Laying up an entire car:
The final project sees you design and lay-up a full scale flame job on a car.  We don’t have enough time in the course to have mask up a car, sand it down, airbrush it and clearcoat it. We only have time for you to create the templates and lay it up. 

Part 16 – Prepare Photoshop designs for clients and quoting:
Using the photographs we take of your car lay-up’s, we will teach you to Photoshop these photos to look like finished custom paint designs and in the process teach you to design concept art for clients and quote on the pricing.

Parts 1 to 16 – All this in 50 hours of training! 

Course Details
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