You are going to have more fun in our classroom than any course you have ever done. Coming to our class means custom painting panel after panel, project after project and loving every minute of it. 

The Classroom:

Every Kustom Kollege classroom uses professional “Air Cube” spray booths. You are going to be priming, clearcoating and this means the use of spray guns, mini guns, airbrushes, pinstriping brushes . . . all in a dust free environment.

The Teachers:
The people teaching you are well known custom painters in their own right. People like Travis Corich in Perth, Tony Vowles in Auckland and Melbourne, Cameron Albon in Christchurch, Laurent Machado in Melbourne . . . and many others. All these people have decades of experience in custom painting.

Every member of the Kustom Kollege team is highly trained and form a body of expertise that is second to none.

The Equipment & Materials:
The equipment and materials we provide in our classroom are state of the art. See the separate page about the use of PPG & Viponds products. This is pivotal to the professionalism of our classrooms.

We provide steel panels for you to work on, but you are invited to bring in things such as surfboards, guitars, or bonnets and work on them as part of the course. 

Course Manual:
The course notes that we provide are second to none. These notes will enable you to reinforce your learning over and over, and practice the various stages of the course week after week as the course progresses.