Realist Flames is one of the most popular trends in custom paint worldwide and yet is one of the most complex and difficult things to learn to paint. It is much trickier than appears.

The decision to establish Kustom Kollege has been partially because the training programs that are on offer previously don’t work well, offering only limited success. People have been spending a lot of time money and effort and getting poor results. There are numerous dvds and books that promise to teach people how to create Realist Flames.  There are numerous YouTube videos . . . but none of these work well.

Face to face classroom training that systematically walks you through every tiny part of the process is the only effective way. If you are serious about getting to professional standard in Realist Flames (like below) then you will really appreciate how unique and innovative our Realist Fire Course is.

• Realist Fire – Course Outcomes
You will not only learn complete step by step systems that will amaze you, but you can bring in commercial jobs like a surfboard or guitar and flame it in class.

This course is so systematic that we are confident that you can earn your course fees back selling your course artworks. 

We will also supply steel panels and you will create three sample panels that you can show future clients what you can offer them:
• Red / orange / yellow flame
• Candy on silver metallic flame
• Small scale realist flames 

We will train you to quote and work with clients effectively.

Drawing Section of the course  
• Learn to draw realist flames 

Airbrush Section of the course
• Learn to prep and prime surfaces
• airbrush standard realist flames
• airbrush metallic & candy flames
• large scale flames (eg cars)
• medium scale flames (eg surfboards)
• small scale flames (eg motorbikes)
• basic mini-gun clearcoating 

Course Details
Each region offers different formats. To see what is available in your region please click here to go to the Course Timetable