Central to the idea of custom paint, is the paint itself. Custom painting puts very different demands to general spray painting on a paint. The paints that you use will have a big impact on what you can do, and how you do it.

Ask yourself the questions:

Q: Do I want to learn a bit about all the different brands, or is it better to learn to use one powerful system that enables you to do everything?

A: Trying to mix and match different brands of paints is a recipe for disaster! All too often, paint failures are because different brand products were combined to save money.  The last thing you want is your teachers playing russian roulette with the paints they give you.  Kustom Kollege teaches industry best practices, and as such is very careful to make sure all the product they teach with are designed to work together properly and avoid any possible paint failure. 

Q: Which system of paint will give me the widest possible opportunities under the widest possible custom paint situations (cars, trucks, bikes, boats, aircraft, surfboards, etc)?

A: There are a lot of good brands on the market. We use the PPG Deltron and Vibrance systems in combination. The possibilities of theses two paint systems as a package are truly limitless.

Q: Which brand offers the highest level of product support and technical advice?

A: This is the single defining reason why Kustom Kollege works in partnership with PPG.  PPG offers more technical support than any other brand . . . period. There are full time technical support staff in every major city of Australia and New Zealand. No other brand comes close to the team that PPG has. Virtually no matter where our students live, we can get direct technical support for them.

Q: Does the brand I am taught with save me time, money and effort?

A: PPG products are not the cheapest, but they are not the most expensive. But they are the easiest to get. The biggest saving is in time, in the bulletproof performance of PPG products and the incredible shelf life of them.

Q: What about the new generation waterborne automotive paints?

A: At this stage in their development, there is still a lot to be done before they can do what the thinners based basecoats can do.  The primers are still thinners based, the clears are still thinners based, the pinstriping paints are still thinners based . . . having a classroom where products have to be carefully separated causes a lot of problems.

On top of this, passing the waterborne paints through an airbrush is frustrating in comparison to the thinners based products. The molecular weight of thinners paints paints are minute in comparison to the waterborne products. The control that you have with thinners based paints for complex detailed custom paint artworks is second to none. 

Having said this we do teach the use of waterborne products at specific times and as the development of waterborne moves forward we will include this in our programs. 

Kustom Kollege – PPG Partnership.
Kustom Kollege is going to change the future of custom painting across Australia and New Zealand.  To do that we need bulletproof products with endless possibilities and a huge amount of technical support.

If anyone thinks that there is another brand out there that has a better package deal of a wider product range that work under a wider range of applications, is easier to get and has more technical support in more places . . . we would love to hear it. PPG has the products and the man power that is second to none. The total package of support and products is too good to ignore.

We are loud and proud supporter of PPG because they put our students first.