The Kustom Kollege – Pinstriping Course

“How to Design Pinstriping Layouts”

Creating a new future for Pinstriping

It requires 2 x A3 folders to hold all 260 pages of the student course notes. Note: The elastic bands hold the pages open at the right page when you stand it up on your student easel

Are you keen to learn to pinstripe? 
If so, then we think you will find the following information very interesting.  We hope you are the sort of person that . . . what ever you do, you do it well . . . that you take the time to make sure you are learning the right knowledge.

How are you going to learn to pinstripe?
What is the knowledge that really counts?

If you go to YouTube and type in “How to Pinstripe” . . . you will see 187,000 results (2018).  With so many free experts, why pay to learn with us or anyone?  The answer is easy . . . we have done years of systematic research and testing of commercial pinstriping and can catapult you to commercial standard pinstriping in one year.

We have spent years collecting all the accumulated knowledge of this community, testing the various paints, brushes, and techniques that everyone uses and have separated the “facts” from “opinions”. 

One major fact that will amaze you, as it did us . . . there was not one course in how to design layouts.  All training was simply about the act of pinstriping.  This gets you no where.  Designing layouts to a commercial standard is the hardest skill to learn and the most important.  No matter how well you paint a bad design, it still looks bad.

We have spent years developing the worlds first ever “How to Design Pinstriping Layouts – to fit all cars, bikes, helmets, etc”. In fact you could watch all 187,000 videos – you would still not learn the design processes that we offer. 

The student manual (across all 6 units) is 260 pages long.

We are not so much “reviving” the trade, but advancing the trade to a new standard, with carefully tested and proven design systems.  

It is important to stress that this course teaches “Traditional Pinstriping”.  We do not teach scroll or coachlining in this course.

Cam with some of his artworks completing Units 1 to 3 of the Pinstriping Course in Auckland. He had never held a pinstriping brush before this course. The designs are his own originals.

Unit 1 & 2 – Introduction to Pinstriping 

We will take you far beyond what you think an introductory course will.  The feedback from all students, is amazement at how much they learn and the standard they get to in only 20 hours training.

 • We teach you to “cheat” by using scroll brushes, not swords or daggers (if you specifically want to learn with the more difficult sword brushes we are happy to do so).  We teach you on glass and clear vinyl with layouts underneath.  We make your first experiences very enjoyable and effective, . . .  straight out of the gate.

• Explanation of all brush types
• Explanation of all paint types
• How to set up a striping kit
• How to load a brush
• How to hold the brush
• How to start-pull-end  lines
• How to clean and care for brushes
• The fundamental shapes of all designs
• The Pinstriping “Clock System”
• All layouts on vinyl – so you get to keep them

• 60 pages of A3 notes and an A3 ring-binder are supplied

• Cost for Unit 1 & 2:  $580 ($480 + $100 beginners kit)
8 x sessions

This includes a beginners kit: 
2 x Kafka Scroll brushes (No.1 and 3)
2 x 100ml Viponds Sign Enamel (Black and Red)
1 x Brush oil (15ml) & Storage Straws
1 x Turpentine (500ml)
20 x Polyethylene lined paper cups
1 x Comprehensive course manual complete with practice designs.

This is the beginners kit that we supply you. Enamels stored in tins causes 30-50% wastage - from skin forming. The tubes stop this completely - 0% waste. The metal turn keys mean that you can dispense extremely accurate amounts for quick precise colour mixing.

Unit 3 – How to design Pinstriping Layouts Part 1/4

This is the start of our unique training system.  Unit 3 is the reason that people from all over the world come to us to learn.

• We supply another 50 pages of notes for Unit 3

This is a “modular design system”.  We teach you to create dozens of simple “shape modules” and you simply click them together to create amazing designs.  It is both simple . . . and incredibly complex, given the millions of combinations that are possible.

Each of the 8 sessions teaches you a new set of shape modules and how to include them in your design process. Session by session you will build more and more complex and varied layouts.  You will do over 100 pencil and marker layout designs.

As part of Unit 3 we will get you pinstriping on a car, bike, guitar . . . whatever you like.
• Cost for Unit 3:  $480 – 8 x 2.5 hour sessions

This photo is from Session 3 of Unit 3, showing a layout being created to go on a tool box

Unit 4 – How to design Pinstriping Layouts Part 2/4

Although Unit 3 is a giant unit, Unit 4 is just as big, with over 100 pages of notes and exercises.  You will be amazed at how much there is still to learn after the fundamental structures of Unit 3.
1. Using Double Arc’s in:
     • Opening melodies
     • Closing melodies
     • Middle melodies
     • Vertical & Horizontal Bridges    
     • Linking modules for extended layouts

2. The “risks” of Bridges and Tapers
3. Creating “tight parallels”
4. Adjusting the “internal spaces” in layouts
5. Adding “tapers” 
6. Wonkification
7. Creating asymmetrical layouts for door handles, B / C pillars, tailgates, etc
8. The different ways of ending lines 
9. Using automotive components as the chorus

• We supply another 50 pages of notes for Unit 4
• Cost for Unit 4:  $480 – 8 x 2.5 hour sessions

Luke with one of his designs from his Unit 4 training.

Unit 5 – Creating “Themes” Design Layouts Part 3/4
Unit 5 teaches you to design layouts for entire vehicles.  Learn to create a layout for a bonnet, a boot-lid, B pillars, door handles, sun-visors, headlight cowlings, radiator cowlings . . . where all of the designs all work together as one common theme. This is the height of professionalism.  This is where all your Units 3 and 4 training come together as a coordinated professional skill package.

Then we end your Unit 5 training by teaching you how to create long complex designs in a modular systematic way.

• We supply another 50 pages of notes for Unit 5
• Cost for Unit 5:  $480 – 8 x 2.5 hour sessions

Here Stuart completes his long complex layout as part of his Unit 5 training. We also taught him to do a quick and rough wood-grain effect for the panel as part of this unit.

Unit 6 Colour Systems and 2 Colour Layouts – Part 4/4
• You will amazed at how much there is to colour theory.  We go into extensive detail about every aspect of formal colour theory, looking at:     
     • Hues / Tints / Shades / Tones
     • Analogous and complimentary colour theory     
     • Setting the contrast of your colours
Applying all this to different coloured cars, bikes, etc

 • We teach a unique system of colour mixing that will enable you to mix colours extremely accurately.  The below photo is a great example of what we are talking about.  The caption explains everything.

• The cost of full colour A3 notes and the much higher consumption of all the colours means that this Unit is $540.00 ($60 material & notes levy).

This photo will surprise you. The cup shows a colour mixture from an earlier pinstriping session on the front of a car, but if you look carefully, in the centre you will see the fresh mix when we came back to do the rear of the car. The second mixture is so close that it is hard to see the edge of the fresh mix. This is an extremely hard colour to mix (using white, yellow, orange and purple) but being able to match it perfectly a second time, shows the power of the colour mixing system that we teach.

• Once again our extensive research has enabled us to systemise the process of designing layouts so that your layouts will look professional – not “choked” and “confusing”.
• Using a second colour with
     • Highlighting
     • In-fills
     • Second colour melodies

• We supply another 61 full colour pages of notes for Unit 6

As part of your training you are invited to bring in major projects, such as bonnets, doors, etc and develop the designs we teach you to create for practical use. Here Jess completes a full door.

 The feedback from students about our course has been amazing.  Below is a letter from one of our students in Texas USA.  We never knew that no one teaches how to design pinstriping layouts in the USA. You may find what he has to say very interesting.

It is always great when a student takes the time to write a letter expressing their happiness with their training. We re-typed it here and removed his full name with his permission to use it as a testimonial here on the website. Thank you Paul, for the kind words.

Summary of the 6 Unit Course Term Fees
8 x 2.5 hours = 20 Hour Course (1 Term) . . . $480 

1 Term completes Unit 1 & 2
1 Term completes Unit 3
1 Term completes Unit 4 
1 Term completes Unit 5
1 Term completes Unit 6
The 6 units complete ALL the basics of traditional pinstriping.
We will have you commercially pinstriping within one year!