Kustom Kollege is the sister school to Airbrush Venturi.

Airbrush Venturi is Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading airbrush school . . . and specialises in teaching realism . . . realist portraits, realist wildlife, landscape, auto illustration . . . all things photorealist. And they can teach anyone regardless of their art background.

In fact one of Airbrush Venturi’s biggest problems is getting people to believe that they can learn to create realist artworks, even if they can only draw stick figures. They can.

Airbrush Venturi is over 25 years old and is Australia’s only registered airbrush school, offering the only VET accredited airbrush course. You can complete a VET Certificate II in Airbrushing with Airbrush Venturi.

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Students of Kustom Kollege usually train with both schools. They both teach very different areas.  All courses with Airbrush Venturi have you working from photographic references. Whereas you only work from your own original sketches with Kustom Kollege. The combination of training with both schools will mean that you will be able to create unbelievable realist artworks on cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, etc.

Airbrush Venturi is based around a system of realist rendering called the Venturi System. This system makes learning the airbrush the most unbelievably realistic artworks a completely step by step process that abosolutely anyone can learn.

 Central to the system that you will be taught is a very simple eight stroke process where all realist artworks can be constructed from. Anyone can learn to create these eight strokes and then be taught to assemble them like jigsaw pieces to create amazing artworks. It just takes time and practice.

No matter where you learn in Australia or New Zealand you will use identical equipment, identical materials, course notes, everything. Much of the equipment and materials are unique to AV classrooms. All Airbrush Venturi teachers work together to ensure that a consistent teaching standard is met across the entire network. 


Click here to go to the Airbrush Venturi website.