If you have never done custom painting before, you will love this course. You get to do a bit of everything. This course will set you up with all the basics (and more) and launch you into the exciting world of custom painting on cars, motorcycles, helmets, skateboards, surfboards, boats and much much more.

We will teach you from the complete basics.  You will be taught with the most advanced equipment and materials in the world.  We will teach you double action airbrushing using kustomised airbrush equipment that is unique to our community.  You will be taught using the worlds most advanced basecoat automotive paints, the best masking materials . . .
all while working on large steel panels for all seven projects.

Comprehensive introduction to:

• Traditional flames
• Tribal / Celtic graphics
• Space Scenes
• Metallic components / screws, bolts / rivets
• Chequered flags
• Wood-graining
• Metallic lettering / retro emblems
• Ripped steel
• Bullet holes
• Rust
• Water droplets
• Retro aged signage / rusty bullet holes
• Skulls and ghouls
• Smoke

• You will complete 7 large steel panel projects (400 x 800mm)  


We provide the following:
• Advanced professional kustomised airbrushes

• Fineline tape
• App. Tape
• Masking Tape
• Wall stencilling
• Laser cut stencils

• PPG Deltron & Vibrance paints
  (3 out of 4 vehicles worldwide use PPG products)
• Deltron – Opaque solids
• Deltron – Transparent solids
• Deltron – Metallics
• Vibrance – Candy’s
• Deltron – Pearls
• Envirobase – Marbliser
• Deltron – Intercoat clear

Everything is provided in the course, including clearcoating your artworks.  There are no additional expenses. 


W1:  Intro to the equipment and materials

W2:  Project 1 – Traditional Flames
W3:  Project 1 – Traditional Flames

W4:  Project 2 – Tribal / Celtic 3D Metallic Graphics
W5:  Project 2 - Tribal / Celtic 3D Metallic Graphics

W6:  Project 3 – Space Scene
W7:  Project 3 - Space Scene

W8:  Project 4 – Chequered flag with a Chevrolet logo on wood
W9:  Project 4 - Chequered flag with a Chevrolet logo on wood

W10: Project 5 – Bullet holes, ripped steel, rust & water droplets
W11: Project 5 - Bullet holes, ripped steel, rust & water droplets

W12: Project 6 – Route 66 sign
W13: Project 6 - Route 66 sign
W14: Project 7 – Skulls, ghouls, demons & smoke

W15: Project 7 - Skulls, ghouls, demons & smoke

W16: Finishing off panels and clearcoating 

Course Formats
Each region offers different formats. To see what is available in your region please click here to go to the Course Timetable