The Kustom Kollege classrooms are the ultimate laboratory for the testing of any and all custom painting equipment and materials. Much of what we use in our classrooms has had to be specially prepared to meet the demands that we expect of them.

This is all done by a specialist manufacturer and importer of airbrush products called Airbrush Supply Network (Airbrush Focus).

Airbrush Supply Network is Australia’s only full time airbrush product manufacturer. Their spray booths, King Kaps, stencils, holders, and inks are all made in house. The billet aluminium jar adapters and bullet heads are contracted to local engineers. The airbrushes, compressors and overhead projectors are sourced overseas but then modified when they get to Australia to suit local needs.

Beyond its manufacturing research and development Airbrush Focus also educates people about the technical issues of airbrushing. ASN has produced a series of YouTube videos on different aspects of airbrushing, from repairing airbrushes to using stencils.  In time this library of videos will be expanded.

Go to the online store to see the products that its makes and sells . . . 
Airbrush Supply Network – Online Store