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Welcome to Kustom Kollege       

Kustom Kollege specialises in the teaching of all things kustom paint.

Would you like to learn to airbrush or pinstripe on cars, motorcycles, trucks, helmets, guitars, surfboards, anything you like?

We can offer you powerful systems that will enable you to be a better kustom painter than you every imagined.

On any given weekend across Australia and New Zealand, hundreds of passionate kustom painters head out to their shed, flick the lights on, crank up the tunes, and start sanding, painting, clearcoating . . . creating amazing artworks with basecoat solids, kandy’s, pearls, marblizers, metallics, flake, old skool enamels and more.

It is an expensive passion!  Good equipment and good materials costs a lot more than most people think.  So it’s important to try and make your passion pay its way. The more that it covers it’s own costs the better. 

People that teach themselves usually take a long time before they get to the point where they can sell their skills or artworks.  It means they spend a lot of money before they see any of it back.

Our students are able to take on commissions and sell their work by the end of each course, earning the cost of their course back – if they get out and show people.  We understand that this sounds a bit far fetched so we invite you to go to our Kustom Kollege facebook page (click here) and talk to our students first hand. These are people that have earned their course fees back immediately after their training (in some cases even during their training).

On this facebook page you will see our students airbrushing and pinstriping cars, bikes, helmets, guitars, surfboards . . .  anything that will stand still long enough. 

You cannot learn what Kustom Kollege teaches from the internet.  The systems that we are known for, are unique; are highly proprietary. This may sound counter intuitive, flames are flames, striping is striping. Once again, talk to our students directly and ask them if our systems are available anywhere else.

In some ways, we hope that you have bought all the dvds and books, watched all the YouTube videos, done all the courses with the pro’s . . . and are still determined to become a red-hot custom painter. We say this because the more research and effort you have gone to prior to coming to us, the more you will appreciate the unique and innovative nature of our courses.

Having said this, you do NOT need any previous experience of any kind to do our courses.  We will teach you right from the beginning . . . everything . . . surface prep, priming, custom painting, clear coating; the lot.  

Everything you do will be on steel using leading edge PPG Deltron & Vibrance paints. You will be using the highest quality equipment and materials possible.